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School Principal Changes The Life of a Student By Adopting Her!

She went from being reprimanded by her principal to becoming a member of his family.

"She said that she had thrown a cup of yogurt at lunch," said principal Jason Smith. "And I asked, 'well, if you were out at a restaurant, would, would you do that there?'" Her answer? "I was like, I've never really been to a restaurant, I don't really have a family. I'm in a group home."

Raven said she never felt loved during the first 11 years of her life and lived in what she described as terrible conditions.

Jason and his wife, Mary Beth, had previously fostered kids who eventually returned to their biological families. The couple wanted children of their own and had been through infertility treatments. "It just crushed us, so we made a decision, probably more so me, that my heart couldn't take another break like that," said Mary Beth.

After hearing Raven's story, though, Jason wanted to help. He and his wife decided to start the foster process.

"I can remember Raven walking into that room that day, that scared little kid, and I'm, I just knew in my heart this is, this is what it's supposed to be," Mary Beth said.

Raven said she was initially hesitant about being fostered by the Smiths. That hesitation quickly passed. She said she felt like she belonged after the first weekend visit. Jason and Mary Beth officially adopted Raven in 2017. Raven said it's difficult to imagine life without them.

"Honestly, I wouldn't be alive," Raven said. "I probably would have went down a completely different path."

Raven said her goal going forward is to help others like her. She is now studying social work at the University of Kentucky.

"She's overcome a lot of the, the challenges that she's had at work," Jason said. "We're really proud of her."

"If you're out there and you're thinking about fostering a kid - one, don't be afraid to take a teenager. I couldn't love her any more, if I had given birth to her," said Mary Beth.

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