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A You Tube star comes up with a way to catch people who break into cars

 YouTube star Mark Rober, just released a video to prank people who break into cars.

The former NASA engineer built backpacks that shot glitter and a very foul odor at the thieves and recorded their reactions with hidden cameras.

He got some help from a reporter Dan Noyes, who said, "It was really interesting to see how Mark Rober's mind works. The pranks are entertaining, but they also provide some valuable information about who's breaking into cars, and where the loot is going."

Mark Rober hadn't planned on making another Glitterbomb video. Then, his car got broken into in San Francisco this year.

"I'm missing a window. Not cool, San Francisco, not cool," Rober said.

In the past eight months, 25 break-ins have been recorded. Most of these break-ins involved just one person.

"Honestly, it felt like a lot of them could have been their first break-in almost, right? Like, they weren't very good at it," Rober said.

Car theft breaking into a car

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