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Why this mom takes her Christmas decorations down on December 25th

So when do YOU take down your Christmas decorations? Most of my neighbors wait until the new year.

However, Georgia Schofield chooses to pack her decorations up long before then - usually around 7pm on December 25.

She went viral online last year after she posted a TikTok video taking down her tree on Christmas Day - but Georgia actually has a really sweet reason for so abruptly ending the festivities, despite not everyone agreeing with her.

"It's my daughter's birthday on December 26 and if it was me, I'd hate the tree being up. So I try and make it as normal as possible for her special day. I've done it every year so she knows no different, and she's never requested or questioned it. If I wasn't her birthday, I would have them up for longer."

Georgia says she makes up for it by preparing for Christmas Christmas extra early.

"My kids' presents are all bought and wrapped by mid-October and the tree goes up at the end of November. I like to be organized," she said.

Smiling woman in white-yellow knitted sweater is decorating green Christmas tree with bronze baubles against white wall. New Year celebration concept. Front view

Photo: Anna Efetova / Moment / Getty Images

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