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TikTok has been an uncomfortable place for dads who add their names to gifts mom buys! More and more videos are calling out mom's empty stockings, or noting that mom fills her own stocking with gifts.

Aubree Jones started the conversation with a PSA "for husbands everywhere" in a video showing a family opening their stockings. The husband asks if the empty stocking is extra, but it wasn't a spare: It belonged to Mom.

Jones said it took her husband 10 years to notice her empty stocking. The video has collected over 12 million views.

The main criticism is that while dad might buy a big-ticket item, the small details go unnoticed.

The video hit a nerve, amassing over 12 million views. People left comments bashing Josh, saying he should have been "embarrassed" he let this happen.

"I swear I will never let a man treat me this way," one person wrote. "As if I don't even exist. So sorry to all the forgotten moms and wives."

"This is why I'm divorced," said another. "I refuse to live in the background and never be cared for while in a lifelong commitment."

Other moms also shared their own experiences of waking up to an empty stocking.

Christmas Stocking

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