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A 3 year old wanders out of a daycare and luckily is spotted by a mailman

A 3 year old who wandered out of a local daycare and walked four blocks alone was found my a mail carrier near a gas station on a very busy street.

He contacted the police who notified Salem Community Child Care on Congress Street. The boy’s mother and father said they were then contacted by police who told them to get to Salem Hospital where their son was being checked out by doctors.

“The police, a doctor, and a pastor were waiting there. I felt like I was going to pass out,” said mother Martha Esquivel. “When we went into the room, I saw a lot of people there, and I just started crying. I found my son and he started crying… screaming mommy, mommy.”

Martha Esquivel and Joel Espaillat said surveillance from the daycare shows their son Damian not being watched for more than 30 minutes and repeatedly attempting to open a heavy side door. “My son tried to open that heavy door 15 times. They didn’t notice. They were not supervising him,” said Esquivel.

So far no explanation about why this happened, and no apology.

“They had multiple opportunities to stop it, and for some reason, they just weren’t paying attention and wasn’t doing their job,” said Espaillat.

USPS Mail Truck on Suburban Street

Photo: arlutz73 / iStock Editorial / Getty Images

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