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Michigan duck: Love Lost...and Found!

It['s a new beginning Sophia the duck.

“On her third birthday, her aunt and uncle decided to just drop off a couple of ducks in our house," said Lyndsey Fleser, gesturing to her 7-year-old daughter. "So we became animal people." Lyndsey and her kids, Josie and 16-year-old Brayden, were surprised by new additions to the family, which Josie named Sophia and Evie.

"They were best of friends," said Lyndsey. "They were together all the time."

But even more surprised by what came next. “About two weeks ago, we only saw one for a couple days. My husband went and checked in the woods and we saw a big pile of feathers, so we knew we had an issue," said Lyndsey. "I'm thinking some sort of wildlife got to it.” Just as it would for any human, grief came for Sophia. Evie was gone.

“The first couple days after the duck was lost, she was very vocal. We could hear her constantly at night. So I don’t know if that was crying, or what that was," said Lyndsey. “I mean, they were together for like four years. So I think they had a pretty close bond," said Brayden, "It was a little sad and disheartening.”

Sophia needed a companion for the season or it would take her next. “When the temperatures got really cold, we knew that she would not survive," said Lyndsey.

“We posted on Facebook to see if there was anybody would be willing… to let us adopt their duck," said Lyndsey.

And the post worked. Soon enough, Lyndsey was scrolling through hundreds of offers.

Sophia’s were the only prints in the freshly fallen snow that day. Until a new path crossed her way — in the form of the four webbed feet of Lucy and Goosey, proudly named once again by Josie.

“We were able to find somebody that had two ducks, they originally had four, and they lost two of them to wildlife," said Lyndsey. “They said, 'Please come get them.'”

“I'm hoping there are new ones are a girl and a boy so they have baby ducks. So we can have more and more," laughed Josie.

Grand Haven’s most eligible quack-lorette found what she needed all along — a flock of her own.

“We have we might get more you never know," smiled Brayden. "We're kind of a duck family”

Inquisitive Duck

Photo: georgeclerk / E+ / Getty Images

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