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Why Apple says you should NOT put a wet iPhone in a bag of rice

For years you’ve heard that if your phone gets wet, you should put it in a bag of rice. That might work with some phones, but not the iPhone. Apple has released an official paper stating that putting wet devices in a bag of rice could “allow small particles of rice to damage your iPhone,” although it doesn’t go into further detail.

… The company also recommended against using other well-known hacks, such as using an external heat source to dry the phone or sticking a cotton swab into the connector.

… What should you do if your phone gets wet?

… Turn off your phone as soon as possible to prevent short circuits. Do not turn it back on until you’re certain it’s completely dry.

… Gently tap your phone against your hand with the Lightning or USB-C connector facing down to remove excess liquid.

… Unplug all cables and do not charge your device or connect any accessories until it’s completely dry.

… Leave your phone in a dry area with good airflow.

… After you’ve allowed sufficient time for your phone to dry (at least 48 hours), power it on and test its functionality.

Here is a link to the report Apple just released.

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