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Beloved Emotional Support Gator Wally Has Gone Missing On A Trip To Georgia

If you haven’t heard of WallyGator, nicknamed Wally, he’s a one-of-a-kind emotional support animal who touches the hearts of everyone he meets. Wally, an alligator, was first found in a pond at Disney World. As it’s illegal in Florida to relocate gators to another place in the wild, Wally—who was around one year old at the time–was taken in by Joie Henney, a Pennsylvania man who runs a reptile rescue. Now he says his gator was trapped and released into a Georgia swamp after a visit to Brunswick.

Henney suffered from depression after losing several family members and close friends. Wally, being exceptionally smart and emotionally intelligent, provided Henney with comfort and companionship.

Wally—who is a little over six feet long—was even a ring bearer in a wedding, wearing a vest and bow tie over his harness. In 2022, he was in the running to be crowned America’s Favorite Pet, having amassed quite a following on social media for his unusually gentle, cuddly nature and signature hugs. 

In a tearful message on WallyGator’s TikTok, Henney announced that his beloved Wally was missing. “We need all the help we can get to bring my baby back,” he said. “There’s a reward out for Wally’s return safely with no questions asked. Please help us. Please.” 

According to an update on Wally The Emotional Support Alligator’s Facebook page, Henney received word from the Georgia Department of Natural Resources that Wally was stolen by a local who wanted to “terrorize” another resident by dropping an alligator in their yard. Once the resident discovered Wally, they called the Department of Natural Resources to trap the gator. It is presumed that Wally was trapped and transported among other alligators to a new, unknown location. As a domesticated, licensed emotional support animal, however, it’s unlikely Wally would be able to survive in the wild.

The latest update posted to Wally’s Facebook page says, “We have been unsuccessful in getting specific information about a location to begin a search. Even the original swamp we were told is so large it would take months with an army to search…Thank you all for your continued support, tips, suggestions, and prayers. All of these are more appreciated than you know.

WallyGator fans have shown an outpouring of support, even contributing to a GoFundMe to help cover costs for Wally’s search.


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