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100 year old woman discovers a TSA glitch that identifies her as a minor

100 year old Mildred Kirschenbaum still enjoys traveling — but since turning 100 last August, she’s had an unusual experience flying.

The woman who once owned a travel agency in New York and is still a registered agent, says she now shows up as an “unescorted minor” due to a glitch in the airlines’ computer systems.

“The code is two digits for the month, two digits for the day, and two digits for the year. I was born in 1923. So I put in 23,” Mildred explains in a video posted on the Instagram account of her daughter, Gayle.

“Soon as I check in, I’m an unescorted minor,” she continues. “The supervisor has to come. And they have to see me right through security. No one seems to know how to correct it.”

Mildred,adds with her trademark humor, “I’m going through my second childhood.”

While the birth year error requires extra time to sort out at the airport before boarding, she tries not to stress too much over it.

Inside the airplane

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