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Late night 911 call from frantic mother gets amazing officer's help

You don't often hear about everything a police officer does in the course of their shift, but I do and this is an example of the Miami Township Way. Chief Mike Mills

During the overnight hours, Corporal Hunter Willoughby received a frantic phone call from a post-partum mother who advised she was unable to feed her one week old infant. Cpl Willoughby went into action and alerted employees at Meijer & they helped (the store was closed at the time). Cpl Willoughby personally purchase some formula and bottles for the mother and delivered the items to the appreciative mother and he refused to accept any payment for the formula or bottles.

The police department responded to all the attention by creating the video below.

(A local TV station covered the story and see their video here: )

A frantic 911 call from a mother in need of help led to an officer's late-night grocery run in Miami Township Ohio.

The Miami Township Police Department posted to its Facebook page explaining what happened. They said it all started when they got a frantic 911 from a new mother who said she wasn't able to feed her 1-week-old infant.

The department said that's when one of their officers stepped into action to help the new mother. Cpl. Willoughby took action and went to the nearest store, which was closed when he arrived. He knocked on the front doors to get the attention of the employees inside. After a short time, he was able to get someone's attention by knocking on the door and flashing his flashlight inside the store. When one of the employees came out, he explained the reason behind his off-hours visit.

"You may not be able to help me, there is a mom who has her milk dried up and she can't find anywhere to buy formula. Is there anywhere, anybody can turn on a cash register?" Willoughby said.

He was able to find the formula with the help of one of the employees who suggested he buy a bottle as well, just in case. He bought the items and personally delivered them to the mother. The mother offered to reimburse him, but the officer said he was happy to help.

Hand holding scoop of powdered baby formula, ready to mix in bottles

Photo: Benjamin Clapp / iStock / Getty Images

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