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Meet the woman who charged guests $300 to attend her bridal shower

Did you hear the one about the bride who asked her guests to pay to attend her bridal shower?

This story is sparking a lively debate online. In a viral Reddit post, a woman wrote that her cousin, a bride, sent her an invitation to her bridal shower, which came with a price tag.

"She sent me a link last week to reserve my spot at the venue. When I went to do it, it required me to pay $300. I asked her about it and she said that everyone is paying their own way," the woman explained.

"Is this a common or normal practice?" she continued to ask others in the post. "To say I'm beyond annoyed is an understatement."

"Paying to attend an event where a gift is also expected? no way," wrote one Reddit user.

"You do not invite guests to an event and charge them $300. That's not how inviting guests works," another chimed in.

One commenter wrote that being a bridesmaid "felt expensive" until she became a bride herself, while another wrote that the woman should support the bride and "stop being cheap."

Bride Walking Down The Aisle During Wedding Ceremony

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