Texas Woman Accused Of Tricking Employees Into Drinking Colon Cleanser

An East Texas election administrator was taken into custody and is now out of a job after a “childish incident" involving her employees.

Two employees at the Smith County Elections Office told investigators that their supervisor Denise Hernandez gave them a pink liquid to drink on April 27.

Hernandez allegedly told them that it was an energy drink. The employees believed her and drank the pink liquid, the Tyler Morning Telegraph reported.

When they were finished, Hernandez pulled out a canister of colon cleanser and made fun of her two employees for drinking it. The employees had stomach pain and discomfort for the rest of the day, but Hernandez continued to laugh at them.

Hernandez had only been on the job for three months when she suddenly announced on May 3 that she wanted to resign after a "childish incident."

It was only after her former employees contacted the authorities that the incident came to light.

Hernandez turned herself in to the Smith County Jail on June 1 after a judge issued two warrants for assault causing bodily injury.

Photo: Smith County Jail