Need Something To Binge Watch? This Is Georgia's Favorite TV Show

Everyone needs something to binge watch.

Of course, viewers can always try something new from the smorgasbord of shows on streaming platforms.

But there’s always something comforting about going back to ever-popular series that never seem to get old.

In fact, about half the country appears to deem their favorite TV show a rerun, according to an analysis by Zippia published earlier this year.

The career research hub also noted that fans are enjoying the reruns any time they want, rather than having to wait for a show to air on TV:

“With the entire world of TV at the click of a button, we wondered what everyone was choosing to watch. The answers may surprise you.”

Zippia pinpointed the favorite shows in each state by examining the Top 100 highest-ranked TV shows from IMDB, and referencing Google Trends data.

Beloved rerun series include The Office, The Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, How I Met Your Mother and, of course, Friends, the 90s sitcom that recently streamed a reunion special on HBO Max.

Georgians, however, are opting for something newer.

So, which TV show is Georgia’s favorite?

Stranger Things.

Do you agree with Georgia's pick?

See the full list here.

Photo: Getty Images