Uber customer charged $700 after getting stuck on frozen I-95 this week

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Photo: Getty Images

Thousands of people were stuck in their cars on I-95 in Virginia this week, but most of them didn’t have the added joy of paying by the minute. Andrew Peters summoned Uber to take him from Dulles International Airport in northern Virginia to Richmond on Monday night. Fourteen hours later, he reached Richmond after what became a $700 trip.

… The bill was $200, Peters said, to which he added a $100 tip. But Uber later imposed a surcharge of $400, making the total cost for the 120-mile-or-so trip $701.47. That’s more than twice what Peters paid for his flight from San Francisco. He wasn’t happy with the surcharge. After Peters disputed the charge, Uber refunded the full $700.

Now that Uber driver has a new job!

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