Kidnapped man in Georgia passes note to a bank teller: "Keep Me Safe."


Two men in Georgia have been arrested for allegedly abducting a man in a scheme to get money. 

Gabriel Lawrence and Terrence McPherson have been arrested and charged with allegedly abducting a man in a scheme to cash a fraudulent check, charged with kidnapping, possession of a firearm and forgery in a bank scheme. They picked up the victim in Atlanta, offered him a few hundred dollars if he would help. They wanted him to take a counterfeit check into the bank to be cashed. The trio ended up in at a Wells Fargo Bank in Newnan after hours of driving around in a red Audi. The victim tried to get away several times but the child locks were on and he could not get out.

When he went into the bank instead of the fake check the man handed the teller a note saying, "keep me safe." Someone working at the bank called 911. When deputies arrived minutes later, they surrounded the suspects' vehicle and arrested them. 

Deputies say they found a stolen handgun from Atlanta under the passenger seat of the suspects' vehicle. 

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