Where to Celebrate National Wine & Cheese Day in Savannah

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Who knew July 25 was such an incredible holiday!? Apparently it's National Wine & Cheese Day🍷🧀which means it's my new favorite day of the year. This day should be celebrated with a very productive work day followed by an early happy hour with flowing wine and lots of wine and cheese (and meat, why not!).Savannah has a plethora of fantastic food and beverage options, all providing unique experiences. Therefore it comes as no surprise that on a day like today, there are endless options to celebrate National Wine & Cheese Day! So if you're working the day at 100mph, check out the list below to choose where you'll wine-down at the end of the day😁

The Lost Square


Top Deck


Treylor Park




Local 11 Ten


The Grove


The Fitzroy



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