Southbound Green Bike Lane Added

Hey Savannah! We just doubled our Bike Lane length with an upgrade to the lane on one-way Price Street that runs south from Bay Street to Victory Drive. Price Street is painted with the same methyl methacrylate resin with anti-skid granules they used on Lincoln, but added a striped “conflict” zone north of each intersection to alert both drivers and cyclists to be careful in this area that turning motorists must share with cyclists.

Why do cyclists love the green bike lanes? For one thing, it's a reminder for drivers to be careful when driving across the bike lanes. But, that's not the main reason. It's a reminder for drivers that roads are not just for motor vehicles. Green-painted bike lanes accomplish what a white stripe next to the parking lane cannot. They send the message that that streets are not merely sewers for car traffic, but fully multimodal public spaces. And hey, they'll look pretty cool come St. Patrick's Day!




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