Savannah Music Festival Fall concert series

Violin players in orchestra

Photo: Getty Images

After an almost two-year wait, the Savannah Music Festival is bringing artists and audiences back together earlier than expected with a fall concert series later this month! The series features five shows over six days that span a range of musical genres, with several classical performances!

Concerts will run October19th through the 24th. The first two shows are at Trinity United Methodist Church. The partnership with the Philharmonic will be at The Landings Palmetto Club. And the Bluegrass concert will be at Eastern Warf. The concerts are limited to 500 people.

Tickets are available for purchase now! Click here for tickets and additional info.

🎻Savannah Music Festival Fall Series

📆 October 19th - 24th, 2021

🎟 Click here for ticket info

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