Man fills his bathtub only to find a snake in the water


 A California man filling up the bathtub at his family's apartment reached into the water to grab what he thought was a rag, but turned out to actually be a snake.

A resident of Palmdale's Royal Palms apartments, who asked to only be identified as Sabrina, said her father was filling the bathtub Wednesday night when he heard the sound of what he thought was a rag falling into the water.

Sabrina said her father, whose vision is a little blurry, reached into the water and discovered the object was actually a swimming snake.

Los Angeles County Fire Department crews arrived on the scene and summoned animal control to remove the snake.

Video recorded at the scene shows the unidentified serpent being loaded into a bucket.

A resident named Michael said he spoke briefly with the animal control officer, who offered a theory as to how the snake ended up in the tub.

"Animal control guy actually said that it may have come up through the toilet," Michael said.

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