Christmas Wish

Our 20th Anniversary of Christmas Wish in partnership with Jim 'N Nicks BBQ.

What is Christmas Wish?

20 years ago we were getting a lot of calls from listeners wanting to donate locally to help people in need and asking us for suggestions. We thought about a way to help people with children who were going through difficult medical treatment at Christmastime. Ultimately we partnered with Memorial who knew a lot of such families and thought we could help them get through the holidays which were shaping up to be a difficult time for them.

How does Christmas Wish work?

We receive letters from nurses and social workers at The Dwaine & Cynthia Willett Children’s Hospital at Memorial about specific families they are working with, families not expecting much joy during the season. Starting November 26, I read one letter every day for two weeks (ten total) about a family’s situation and how listeners could help keep the holidays alive for their kids. We then meet with the families for a special, private catered lunch at which time we give them what has been donated for them and get them smiling at a very difficult time.

How do I help?

We are primarily asking for monetary donations. No family gets cash; we use the donations to purchase a few select items requested in their letter, perhaps pay outstanding bills if appropriate, and give them gas or gift cards so they have an opportunity to go shopping with their family, something they aren’t expecting to do considering the cost of medical treatment.

  • Bring a donation (cash or check) to BankSouth in Savannah
  • Make a donation via PayPal
  • Mail a donation to us to 98.7 The River Christmas Wish, 245 Alfred Street, Savannah GA 31408. That donation can be cash, check, or store/Visa gift card. Make your check payable to “98.7 The River Christmas Wish.” You can read the family’s letters on this page to gauge what kinds of things they want or need.
Please note: If you, your family, your group or office have opted to adopt a family, the gifts or donations must be brought to our station no later than December 13. We discourage purchasing clothing because of size or style preferences; we would rather the family have opportunity to shop and pick what they would like. Cash donations to Christmas Wish are not tax-deductible.

Got a question? Send Mark an email!

Here’s another cool way to help. On Wednesday December 5, between 5-9pm, come to Jim ‘n Nicks in Bluffton or Pooler and enjoy a wonderful meal. When you’re done, hand us your receipt and they will donate 10% of your bill back to “Christmas Wish.” You can also bring us any donation(s) you would like to make to help our ten families!
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