With the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, many of us want to help those affected. Unfortunately, scammers are now using the disaster to trick people who want to donate to help flood victims, by persuading them to click links in phishing emails and on social media sites.

Here are some examples of the scams we are seeing:

Facebook pages dedicated to victim relief that contain links to scam websites.

Tweets with links to scam sites or sites with malware that can infect your computer.

Phishing emails asking for donations to a #HurricaneHarvey Relief Fund that scammers keep for themselves.

Please don't fall for any scams by clicking on links in any emails or text messages that you might receive. If you would like to make a donation, you should go to the website of the charity of your choice by typing the site’s address in your browser.

We have posted links on our Facebook page for humane groups in Texas needing help, and links to vetted organizations like Red Cross and Salvation Army. Those are safe to click on.

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