Dialysis service for folks displaced by Irma

Who:  Fresenius Kidney Care, the nation’s largest network of dialysis centers, is preparing to provide vital uninterrupted care for dialysis patients affected by Hurricane Irma.

What: Ahead of Hurricane Irma, the company has activated its Disaster Response Team, which not only provides the medical care that patients need to live, but also delivers a range of critical services and supplies such as generators, fuel, bottled water and meals to facilities and employees affected by the storm. Key preparations include:

·       Alerting patients and providing them with information on when and where to seek treatment before and after the storm;

·       Extending clinic hours and adding more shifts to accommodate patients;

·       Mobilizing units and staff from clinics in the area to ensure all dialysis patients have the care that they need; and

·       Carefully monitoring weather alerts to ensure all is prepared well in advance if possible.

Following the storm, Fresenius Kidney Care connects with patients who may have missed treatments, and takes care of staff who may be working double and triple shifts to make sure patients are safe and cared for.

Why:  Whenever hurricanes and other natural disasters strike, Fresenius Kidney Care takes extraordinary measures to help meet the healthcare needs of kidney dialysis patients who require treatment every two to three days to stay alive and healthy.  

Patient Emergency Hotline:Patients seeking help with emergency plans or more information about arranging alternate dialysis treatments should contact the Disaster Response Team at 1-800-626-1297. This service is available for all patients, regardless of dialysis provider. Patients can also visitFresenius Kidney Care’s website to learn more about preparing an emergency plan.  

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