CEMA/Chatham Cnty. status @ 11:30am Thursday

Chatham County/CEMA Brief 9-14-17 – 11:30 AM


Debris removal

Chatham County Public Works crews have started the process of debris removal. They are in the Isle of Hope and Shipyard/Pin Point areas. Other locations will be included as additional resources come available.

*Media Partners* - you can go out to the Pin Point area after 1:30pm today to take pictures/video of the crews working debris removal. Chatham County staff on site cannot provide interviews.


Food Stamps and Individual Assistance

               CEMA cannot replace food stamps or provide financial assistance for individuals.

Individuals are encouraged to call 1-877-423-4746 or contact your local DFCS representative to complete paperwork for potential replacement of food stamps for those already receiving food assistance.


Boil Water advisory

Consolidated Water has advised that the only neighborhoods still effected by the Boil Water Advisory are Whitemarsh Estates and Woodlawn.

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