Savannah Casting Call


You may have seen and submitted on some of these. I'm posting this so if any media picks it up, it's all in one place!

Again, continue to check this page over the next few weeks, as things will be moving fast. I'm just now starting to book some of this work, so if you have already submitted on KILLERMAN or FRONT RUNNER, please do not submit again on those projects. But if you are interested in working on THE BEACH HOUSE, I DO need you to submit on that one if you have not already.

The reason I need you to submit by show is that is how the files are set up.

So thank you.

Please be sure you read everything and share with anyone in the Savannah area!

ALL of these shows are paying the new rate of $68/8. (Unless noted otherwise by role below.)


For Monday October 23rd - Upscale Restaurant Patrons - and you must have a car that is not BLACK OR WHITE. When submitting, send the details on your car.

Also, need three men to play construction workers.

For Tuesday, October 24th - need some pedestrians and two guys to play friends of our male lead (ages 28-34).

Then on Halloween, October 31st. (You must be available all day. Please do not submit if you have plans on Halloween. This is scheduled as a day shot, but again, make no plans.) If you've read the book, THE BEACH HOUSE, you know there is a big hurricane sequence. And in our movie, everyone decides to leave at once!

This is the action scene of the movie. Looking for people to flee the hurricane! Expect to get wet - expect to be in wind-machines and rain machines.

Also on Halloween - I need a male (age 60 or older) who has a big dog, like a lab. Send a pic of you and your dog!

So that's all THE BEACH HOUSE for right now. If you submit, please put BEACH HOUSE (and the dates your are avail) like: BEACH HOUSE HALLOWEEN or BEACH HOUSE ALL DATES or BEACH HOUSE 10/24 AND HALLOWEEN...

It's very important - NO TATTOOS THAT ARE VISIBLE! If they are on your forearms or legs (ladies), I can not use you on this. Tattoos are great for KILLERMAN, but NOT for this. If they can be covered by clothes, no problem.

ALSO- currently only looking for TWINS, TRIPLETS OR QUADS - to play a newborn baby. Looking for moms who have given birth since October 1st, because we need them be small. (SUBJECT: BEACH HOUSE BABIES)

KILLERMAN (Starrring Liam Hemsworth)

Two things I'm looking for at the moment.

1) Hot, sexy clubgoers - different types: tattooed and punk, goth, multi-color hair, model types, bad boy types, bad GIRL types... I cast 5 seasons of ALIAS and just imagine every club scene in one scene! This scene takes place in "New York," so looking for different types here. Ages 18-40. (SUBJECT: CLUB - KILLERMAN)

This scene is currently set to shoot Day 1 - Monday, Oct 23rd. Shoots in downtown Savannah. $68/8.

2) GREAT character faces: men and women ages 50 and older to play NY cab drivers in an office. Very featured. All ethnicities. (SUBJECT: MOE'S CABBIES - KILLERMAN)

THE FRONT RUNNER (Starring Hugh Jackman)

TaylorMade Casting is handling all of the Atlanta portion of this film. Please do not submit if you work in Atlanta (otherwise, it will look like you have a clone somewhere else in the film if I book you here.)

ROLES CURRENTLY BOOKING:Currently 11/2 - two different sets, same day. - shooting at the beach.

1) "Pier scene" - looking for talent to play "Miami" locals and "Miami tourists"2) "Bimini locals" - looking for talent to play Bahama locals.Need all ethnicities, but especially black and hispanic for this day.Subject: FRONT RUNNER - MIAMI/ BAHAMAS

Currently shooting 11/2 and 11/3 (must be available two days):1) Yacht guests - very upscale men and women, all ethnicities. (ages 20-60)Subject: FRONT RUNNER - YACHT GUEST

Shooting 11/7, 11/8, 11/9 (do not have to work all three days... just happy to get you when I can!) - in Savannah.

1) DC pedestrians with cars - please note: I need your car to be 1988 OR OLDER - NOTHING NEWER than 1988. Production is paying a $100 car bump. And I need pics of your cars.Subject: FRONT RUNNER - PED WITH CAR

This film is about Gary Hart's run for office in the 1980s. So there will be some stylistic hair and facial hair notes later in the process.

If you submit for THE FRONT RUNNER, please understand you may have to do a fitting in advance. So please do not submit on this if travel is a problem. The fitting could be weeks in advance in some cases.Lots of Italian, hispanic, Indian, African American.


Rate: $68/8hrs - Shooting in Savannah, GA beginning November 2.


-3 Up to Date / CURRENT PHOTOS of yourself *photos do not need to be professional, SELFIES ARE GREAT, but NO filters please!* NO HATS. NO SUNGLASSES.(Well Lit & In Focus / Plain Background in Photo is Best)-1 Face Forward (front)-1 Medium Length-1 Full Length / Full Body ShotPLEASE ALSO INCLUDE YOUR:1. Name2. Phone Number 3. Height4. ALL CLOTHES SIZES5. Tattoos - if yes, please state location and description6. Current City and State 7. Car Color / Year / Make / Model (photo if you have one)*please DO NOT SUBMIT if you live more than 120 miles away.To submit on this, email:


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