Cat missing for a year turns up 120 miles away from home

For the past year, Kennebunkport resident George Lichte thought his beloved cat, Romeo, was dead.

Romeo was famous in the coastal town for his wandering ways, frequently crashing weddings and once showing up at the summer home of former President George H. W. Bush.

But one day last fall, Romeo stopped at home to drop off a gift of a yellow warbler he had killed and then he sauntered off, back into the wilderness.

Lichte expected him to come back on his own, but he never did.

“We were looking for this cat constantly, but I really blocked him out of my memory,” Lichte said. “I shut down, I couldn’t think about the cat.”

Lichte received a phone call two weeks ago from a veterinarian, saying Romeo was found alive. A guy found Romeo while he was sitting at a picnic table, and assumed he was a stray. He planned to adopt the cat before learning it already had an owner. You can read the story in greater details HERE

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