When a post from an old friend comes up on Facebook, do you read it? Donya McCoy of Pennsylvania sure is glad her old friends read hers. When Donya’s young daughter was diagnosed with a rare metabolic disease, she didn’t have many options. Her baby’s prognosis was bad — but doctors had a revolutionary idea. The new piece of Kennedy’s liver couldn’t come from someone she was related to. Donya was willing to do whatever she could to get her daughter what she needed. She decided Facebook was her best bet, so she posted a status. It was Donya’s old high school friend, Mike Thompson, who saw the post. He is a firefighter, and was willing to be the donor. And it worked.

She created a gofundme page to help cover expenses. She wrote:

Fundraiser by Donya McCoy : Saving Kennedy                                                                                                                                                                                        

We recently found out that Kennedy needs to have a liver transplant to save her life.  Kennedy will be the 1st in the WORLD to have this treatment for her disease.  She is changing the course of medicine and science so that other children will one day benefit from her bravery. We have found the donor liver! Kennedy will be hospitalized for 3 months, with at least a year recovery time. The first year is going to be the hardest, making sure her body accepts the new liver.  I will not be able to work for an extended period of time while I am with her in the hospital, as well as caring for her when she gets home. Our family is very overwhelmed.  Any donation you can spare is greatly appreciated. This is nothing we could have ever planned on or accounted for and that is why, as much as it pains my pride to ask, we need community support.  Thank you for considering donating. And please  keep our little warrior princess in your thoughts and prayers.                     

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