Angels Among Us: People Doing Nice Things, Expecting Nothing In Return

Rob and Betsi Hilton of the Classic Car and Truck Club of Beaufort made me aware of this...and it probably has gone under the radar. So let me shed a little light on one of Beaufort's Angels.

Merry Christmas Mark

On behalf of the Classic Car & Truck Club of Beaufort President, I would like to report an amazing good deed that is going unnoticed here in little Beaufort by the Bay. A local restaurant owner named Josh Poticha of “Bricks on Boundary” here in Beaufort will be preparing and feeding over sixty families with 250 meals to be delivered late Sunday morning by the Classic Car & Truck Club of Beaufort. Josh and his crew cook an untold number of turkeys, and fixin’s which are then individually bagged and delivered by volunteers. He starts this process late Saturday night, after the restaurant closes to the public, and cooks continually for about eight hours into the early morning. The finished meals are carefully loaded into classic and vintage cars and delivered throughout northern Beaufort county, the morning before Christmas. Josh has been doing this for several years now, teaming with our car club to make ‘Christmas Meals on Classic Wheels’ a successful holiday event. The recipients of these meals are among the neediest in the county, the names gathered from reputable sources throughout the community.

This man, Josh, personally pays his crew and buys all the food and supplies to make this happen on an overtime situation in a twelve hour time frame. We believe he deserves some recognition for his community service in this endeavor. 

If you live in the Beaufort area, you may not know about this. Josh doesn't do it for the notoriety or recognition...he does it because it's the right thing to do.

Nice to have someone like Josh in our community. Thank you Josh. God Bless You!  

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