This bonded pair need a good home...together

This is the story of a very special bonded pair: Momma and Jefferson

Momma is a Savannah "street dog" who lived on the streets of Savannah for the better part of 15 years. The story in the neighborhood is that she was thrown out when her owner moved nearly FIFTEEN years ago. She stayed in the same neighborhood and was seen frequently limping around and looking for food. She had many "street dog" friends come and go. She had several litters. Her puppies were hit by cars and and even shot but she survived. Many efforts were made to rescue her and her puppies through the years but all were unsuccessful. This spring she had her last puppy and the pair became a frequent sight in the neighborhood. Finally some very kind hearted people began feeding them and slowly gained their trust. They then reached out for help. Without a doubt we knew we had to help them. Initially Momma and Jefferson were very scared and cowered from human touch. As weeks went by they became more and more comfortable and confident. Now they completely enjoy human attention (and can't get enough!) They now know comfort and warmth. They know love, security, and happiness. Momma is a true warrior. We can only imagine what she endured and she deserves only the best.

Jefferson is EXTREMELY bonded to his Momma and we are looking for a home for them together! Jefferson is about 1 1/2 years old (Pointer mix). He is a typical young pup who loves to play! Momma is just interested in finding the comfiest bed and getting plenty of belly rubs. They are weary of other dogs and would need a slow introduction. They are both good with kids and both crate trained.

Thanks to generous donations their adoption fee is COVERED! Please consider giving this special pair a forever home!



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