Pet owners: see if this list of pet owner's personality traits rings true


In the book 1,001 More Ways To Reveal Your Personality, the author tells how your favorite pet reveals your personality.

• Dogs: You are loyal, affectionate, kind and like to be the center of attention.

• Cats: You are independent, demanding and always land on your feet in bad times.

• Fish: You are quiet, hate to “make waves” with others and adapt easily to most situations.

• Turtle: You live in somewhat of a “shell,” you are a private person and believe “slow and steady wins the race.”

• Horses: You are fun, exciting, like your freedom and don’t mind spending that extra cash to have a good time.

• Birds: You are family-oriented and help out your friends at every opportunity.

• Rabbits: You desire, or come from, a large family, date frequently and always have an excuse or way out when you encounter trouble or a problem.

• Snakes: You are into exotic things and like living on the edge when you can.

• Gerbils/Hamsters: Little things mean a lot to you in life and you don’t always go with the majority.

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