Should non-smokers get extra time off?

_ More than 40 percent of non-smokers believe they should get three to five extra vacation days per year, to compensate for all the time their smoking co-workers spend on cigarette breaks. A study (commissioned by Halo, a maker of electronic cigarettes) shows the average worker who smokes spends the equivalent of about six days per year on cigarette breaks.

… But that average varies greatly by industry. For example, workers in tech, retail, finance and insurance spend the equivalent of more than 20 days per year on cigarette breaks, while workers in real estate spent about 5 days per year on a smoke break.

… Smokers said that extra vacation time would be a great incentive to get them to give up cigarettes.

… Almost 80% of workers believe that employers should offer financial incentives for workers to give up cigarettes.

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