Renaming The Talmadge Bridge

The link between Georgia and South Carolina on US 17, traveled by thousands is called The Talmadge Bridge. It links Chatham County with Jasper County.

City Council has debated changing the name--possibly to something like The Savannah Bridge. But at least two lawmakers are in favor of honoring the founder of the Girl Scouts, Juliette Gordon Low, by naming the bridge after her.

They point out that the current span, build to replace a smaller and much older bridge in 1991, was never officially named. And they plan to move forward with their effort to name the bridge after her.

The problem? Marketing! Calling it The Low Bridge gives the Georgia Port a difficult issue,. As efforts continue to deeper the harbor to allow larger ships to come and go, the name "The Low Bridge" may prove to give the impression that the bridge is just that--Low.

The bill never got to the floor of the Georgia house but they both hope to attach the bill to another to push it forward.

If indeed that is the consensus--to name the bridge after Low--what is wrong with making the official name "THE JULIETTE GORDON LOW MEMORIAL BRIDGE" and avoid just calling it The Low Bridge?

Of course I have no issue personally with The Savannah Bridge or The Savannah River Bridge, which is what many people already call it. But naming it after the Savannah native who gave us The Girl Scouts is much classier. (And please don't call it The Girl Scouts Of America Bridge! Horrible!)

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