What's wrong with this picture?

 Southwest Airlines Flight 1380 suffered a major engine failure on Tuesday, forcing its pilot to make an emergency landing. Shrapnel pierced the airplane’s fuselage, blew out a window, and caused the cabin of the airplane to depressurize. Oxygen masks dropped from the cabin ceiling during the incident, according to a public Facebook post by Marty Martinez, a passenger on the flight. Bobby Laurie, a former flight attendant, shared one of Martinez’s photos on Twitter along with a reminder that people should cover their nose and mouth with an oxygen mask in an emergency.

He tweeted: “PEOPLE: Listen to your flight attendants! ALMOST EVERYONE in this photo from @SouthwestAir #SWA1380 today is wearing their mask WRONG.” At altitudes above 15,000 feet, people struggle to breathe and keep enough oxygen in their blood. They can lose consciousness within minutes — a condition called hypoxia.



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