A Tennessee Air National Guard officer was fired for wearing a dinosaur hand puppet while taking a military oath during her re-enlistment ceremony. Sgt. Robin Brown, a senior noncommissioned officer (NCO), was fired from her full-time position with the Tennessee Joint Public Affairs Office. The unidentified colonel who administered the oath was demoted to the rank of lieutenant colonel and “immediately retired.” The senior noncommissioned officer who made the recording was removed from his position as first sergeant and was officially reprimanded, but remains at the Tennessee Air National Guard.

… The video of the re-enlistment ceremony went viral with more than 2.7 million views after an unofficial Air Force forum posted it on Facebook, saying, “Remember when the Profession of Arms was taken seriously??”                                                                               

The video showed Brown using the dinosaur hand puppet to recite the Oath of Enlistment while the colonel conducting the ceremony read it to her from a piece of paper.

A spokesman for Tennessee National Guard's joint public affairs office, William Jones, said the video was made for the children of the woman who took the oath who were not in attendance, according to the Air Force Times. Jones said the ceremony was official.

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