Chatham Animal Services Seeking Owner(s) of Two Dogs

On Monday, April 23, 2018, when Chatham County Animal Services staff arrived at the shelter, they found two dogs in a crate by the gate. The dogs had been left there sometime during the night in the inclement weather. One of the dogs is a small terrier and the other is a hound mix.

Staff is unsure if a Good Samaritan found the dogs and, not knowing what else to do, left them at Animal Services or if someone was trying to surrender the dogs. If you are the owner(s) of these dogs please contact Animal Services to claim your pets.

As always, if you have lost your pet please contact Animal Services to see if your pet has been brought to the shelter. Dogs are held for five day and cats for three day and then put up for adoption. 

Animal Services can be reached at (912) 652-6575

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