Why is a Hilton Head Island man standing on the road in a chicken costume?

The Island Packet

Logan Cambro, a resident of the Point Comfort neighborhood on Hilton Head Island, says it's simply to try to slow speeders on the quite residential street that runs past his house.

As he sat in his costume in a chair by the side of the road Thursday, he said it all began when one of the chickens he keeps as a pet got out of its enclosure and tried to cross Point Comfort Road. It was injured by a passing car that didn't stop. It took the chicken more than a month to recover.

For the past week he's been out on the street every day in a chicken suit, carrying a radar speed gun, and holding a sign that says "slow the cluck down." He says it's working but his goal is to get the speed limit reduced to 20mph. He knows people will still go around 25mph but that's better than people going 40 through his neighborhood.

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