Mother Banned From School Activities After Calling Out Son's Bully

A Pennsylvania mother of two has been barred from activities at her sons' school after she confronted a bully on the school bus. Tammy Aikins' five-year-old son Carson was crying on the floor of the bus on the second day of school last August when it arrived to drop him off home. Aikins contends she asked the driver if she could get on the bus and he said yes. Aikins said she never went further than the stairwell or approached the bully, but she shouted to the back of the bus where he was sitting and told him to stop bullying her son. She says she told him: "You -- look at me. I'm his mom. I will not have you bully my 5-year-old son. You know what you did. I'm not doing it. I hope everybody hears me. I'm not doing it this year." Aikins said she was referring to what she'd tried to do the year before to stop the bullying of her older son. She says she went to the school principal the same day to report the bullying and she was told the problem would be addressed, although she says it wasn't. She explains, "The principal should've done [her] job and I would've never been in that position. But being that they have failed my children on numerous occasions, I needed to make it [apparent] to my children that I will always have their backs." The district disputes Aikins claim that she got permission to go on the bus, citing bus video and audio that they say also shows her, quote, "verbally abusing kids." But Aikins claims the full surveillance footage should show her getting permission. After the incident, the Gateway School District in Monroeville banned Aikins from her son's classroom and from field trips and no longer allowed her to be a homeroom mom.

Who do you side with in this?



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