Dad brings the wrong dog home from Petsmart groomers

Before you drop your dog off at a groomer you'll want to make special note of exactly what Fido looks like. Alex, a 22-year-old from Miami recently shared the story of a grooming gone wrong when his father went to retrieve his family's ten-year-old Maltese from PetSmart following a grooming. At the time of pick-up there were two Maltese dogs ready to go, and Alex's father brought home the wrong one. Alex wrote on Twitter, "MY DAD TOOK MY DOG TO PETSMART TO GET GROOMED AND HE CAME BACK WITH A DIFFERENT DOG AND DIDN'T NOTICE UNTIL MY BROTHER AND I TOLD HIM SOMETHING" Alex's father quickly returned to PetSmart upon realizing the mix-up and exchanged the dog he brought home for the family's actual Maltese. He also texted a photo of the family dog to his family just to be sure he had the right one. 



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