CNN's Jake Tapper: Clintons Owe Monica Lewinsky an Apology

This year marks 20 years since the sex scandal involving then-President Bill Clinton and former intern Monica Lewinsky burst into the headlines, and CNN anchor Jake Tapper said in a recent interview that Bill and Hillary Clinton owe Lewinsky an apology. Tapper was a 29-year-old who'd just started as a writer for Washington City Paper when the story broke in January 1998. It turned out he'd gone on a date with Lewinsky less than one month before, and he wrote a defense of her for the publication. Asked about the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal in a interview with The Hollywood Reporter last week, Tapper said, "The Clintons owe her an apology. They treated her poorly. She had legal bills. It is amazing to me how much, when there is a scandal like this, how much the man is able to dust himself off and move on with his life and the woman is stuck like a mosquito [in amber]. How unfair that is." He also stated of the whole affair: "People forget Clinton was denying it. Taxpayer dollars were spent on people going out and lying to the American people and trying to destroy her. If that blue dress didn't exist, he’d be denying it today. If there weren't DNA evidence that proved it were true, he'd be denying it.



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