GA lawmaker calls for 'relocation' of Savannah's homeless camps

Aside from kids with cancer, one topic that bothers me greatly is homelessness, be it homeless pets or homeless people. Or both.

Driving into and out of Savannah on a daily basis I see them frequently and fortunately have never had any issues with them. I'll often see them walking their dogs which always seem to be healthy and well cared for. Lisa Scarbrough from Coastal Pet Rescue has begun a STREET PAWS program to help get the pets of the homeless the medical attention they need. Thank you Lisa.

State Rep. Jesse Petrea thinks the folks inhabiting the county's more than 20 homeless camps should have access to the basics--warm and cold running water, bathroom facilities, shelter, etc. He believes finding a way to identify and secure a part of town to which Savannah's homeless can be relocated humanely would make residents feel safer (many homeless set up camp under area bridges).

Here is his recent Facebook post. I encourage you to post any thoughts you have and/or reach out and  contact Petrea directly via his Facebook page (see below) and we'll be talking with him in the next few days to get more information. 

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