Adele sings Lean On Me during Grenfell Tower fire memorial

Adele has been very supportive to the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire for the past year and she was in attendance at a memorial to mark the one-year anniversary.

The 30-year-old singer joined others while paying tribute to the 72 people who lost their lives in the fire. The memorial took place on Thursday morning.

Adele joined others while singing along to songs like “Lean on Me” and “Bridge Over Troubled Water” at the memorial.

Adele lives near the site of the fire and she has been vocal about the lack of support the victims have received from the British government. “They’re not receiving the things we think they are. It’s a f–king mess. No information is getting through, people feel helpless. No one knows what they’re doing down there, it’s chaos,” she said at a show last year.

At her London concert last year, she urged fans to donate to the Grenfell survivors. She also hosted a private movie screening for some of the children who’d survived.

Participants included survivors and those who lost loved ones in the tragedy, as well as award-winning British rapper Stormzy.

In December, Adele attended a national memorial service for the victims, along with Kate Middleton, Prince William, Prince Harry and around 1,500 other attendees at London’s St. Paul’s Cathedral.

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