Military family visiting Bluffton needs help finding their cat

I need your help! My name is Scott Feathers, and I'm an officer in the Army, visiting family while moving from Germany to Texas. Soon after arrival, our cat "Little Gray" escaped from where he was being cared for, and he has been missing now for almost 48 hours. He got out on the evening of 17/18th of June. As you can see, he's a solid gray cat, with no other markings or colors, and with greenish/yellow eyes. He is neutered, microchipped, and overweight at about 16 lbs when he was last weighed. He also has a urinary tract disorder that requires a special diet.

Little Gray was last seen in Bluffton in the Hampton Lake community, where he was being cared for at a residence on Driftwood Place. He could not be located with us because he does not get along with my dear in-laws' dog. While at this house, he tore a hole in a window screen and escaped. This portion of Hampton Lake where he was located is also very near the new May River Preserve housing development, and May River Road.

My children are devastated over this, and my wife and I are upset as well. Little Gray came to us as a kitten just before I deployed for the second time to Iraq in 2011, making him now 7 years old. Since he came to live with us, we've made moves to Fort Bragg, NC; Fort Eustis, VA; Ansbach, Germany, and Wiesbaden, Germany before beginning this move to Texas. He's been through so much with us, and with my kids through so much chaos and uncertainty. And he's truly the best cat I have ever known.

While we have to depart the area this Saturday as I must proceed on orders, my in-laws live here and will continue the search. The are Ed and Sharon Lumadue, and may be reached at (843) 757-3031 or (843) 540-2480.

Thank you so much for any assistance you might be able to provide. Any help, thoughts, prayers, and positive thoughts are very much appreciated.


Scott Feathers

Major, US Army

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