Savannah's goats are on the move!

The City of Savannah’s landscape-clearing goats are on the move. The herd of goats that have been clearing overgrown vegetation at Laurel Grove North Cemetery since mid-June were moved Saturday to Mohawk Lake behind the Savannah Mall.

The goats are munching on the undergrowth in a two-acre area that currently blocks the view of the lake. The lake is located on Mohawk Street on Savannah’s Southside near Apache Avenue.

The City had planned to move the goats to the Clinch Street Pond but daily rain has resulted in standing water at the site and the goats will not eat in standing water. Once conditions improve the goats will be moved to Clinch Street.

The budget for the project has not changed. The City is renting the goats from Get Your Goat Rentals for $21,000.

The herd of now 60 goats are being monitored by two livestock guardian dogs and a herder and are kept inside secure fencing. The goats are benefiting the City in several ways. Goats are able to clear vegetation in areas that are difficult for workers to clear or to access with machinery. Goats thrive on poison ivy, poison oak, Kudzu, blackberries, nasty vines, and briers. Second, the City also expects to see a cost-savings using the goats instead of City staff. Third, goats are better for the environment.


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