He sees a man with large yard using a push mower and decides to help!

Last week James Johnston of J&J Lawn Service in West Virginia drove my a man attempting to cut his large yard with a push mower. Johnson shared on social media: “On my way home from a 12 hour day of cutting lawns, I seen this gentleman … I said no way was I gonna let this guy tackle this on his own. So I turned around and went back and unloaded my mower and drove across the street and ask the gentleman if I could help. His eyes lit up and I took that as a yes. I ran down, jumped on my mower and went to work. As I’m cutting the lawn I look over and see the gentleman hunched over his wife, resting his head on her shoulder. … The wife makes her way over before I could leave. She was so thankful! Their riding mower broke down and her husband has been mowing their big lawn with a push mower.” But Johnston didn’t stop there. The next day he launched a GoFundMe page to raise money to buy a new riding mower for the family.

Want to see much was raised? CLICK HERE



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