British tourist's missing purse returned by a total stranger!

A Good Samaritan used LinkedIn to track down a British woman who lost her wallet while on vacation in New York City with her family, and then sent it back to her in the U.K. for free. Sarah Hodgson thought she'd never see the wallet again after she realized it had fallen out of her bag in a cab in Brooklyn. But then she got an email that said, "Your lost wallet." The family of a student from Chicago found the wallet, and he had the idea to use Hodgson's work pass to find her on LinkedIn. He sent the wallet to Hodgson in Liverpool, with the 50 pounds of British money, $100, and debit and credit cards that were in it all there, and refused to take any money as a thank you or to cover the cost of sending it to her.

'His family had found it. It had my work ID in it and he had the idea of tracking me down via LinkedIn. He could tell from the photo on my profile that it was me. 'I told him to take some money out of it to post it back but he wouldn't and sent it by FedEx."


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