Stranger tips a waitress $1000 on to $12 bill


 A Canadian (Arnprior, Ontario) woman waiting tables to pay for college will have an easier time covering the cost of her textbooks thanks to a $1,000 tip from a stranger. Danijela Memetaj was waiting tables on Sunday when a man added an 8,300% gratuity on the bill for his $12 omelette and coffee. Memetaj asked the customer as he left, “Is this serious? Is this actual?” The customer told her, “Yup, have a good day.” Memetaj says the man told her to use some of the tip to pay the bill of a nearby table and to give some to the bartender. She gave $100 to the bartender and the same to the cook. Memetaj says no one seems to know much about the man, except that he occasionally stays in a hotel nearby.


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