What should we expect with the arrival of Hurricane Michael?

Area of Greatest Threat:

Inland southeast GA and southern SC Coastal areas around high tide

Maximum Rainfall:  Rainfall amounts could range from 4 to 6 inches

 Locally higher amounts are possible 

Timing of Greatest Threat: Wed night through Thu afternoon

Greatest Impacts: Significant flooding in coastal areas especially around high tide

Forecast track changes are likely during the next several days 

However, changes in the track will have less influence on actual impacts compared to an Atlantic storm

It appears that our area will experience Tropical Storm force winds as early as Wednesday morning.

According to the National Weather Service we can expect sustained winds of around 35mph and wind gusts as high as 60mph.

The center of the storm will be over Statesboro Thursday morning around 6am.

Rainfall: 3-6 inches along the Georgia coast through Thursday evening, and 2-4" into the Lowcountry.  

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