Couple Has 'Kitten Hour' at Wedding Instead of Cocktail Hour

A Washington state couple who describe themselves as "crazy head over heels cat people" replaced the traditional cocktail hour at their wedding with a "kitten hour," during which guests were allowed to hold, cuddle and play with kittens. Colleen, who exchanged vows with Iz, told BuzzFeed News, "We love our cats very much, and wanted to bring a little of their spirit to the celebration." She added: "We wanted guests to have something to do during the family picturing taking time, and were too broke to have a cocktail hour." The six kittens came from the Seattle Animal Shelter, and were chosen for being especially social. Volunteers were on hand to make sure they were handled safely and not overstimulated, and they left after about an hour, according to the couple. Guests loved the idea, with Colleen saying, "Lots of people told us that every wedding should have a mandatory kitten hour." Colleen and Iz gave a donation to the animal shelter before the wedding, and also asked guests to make a donation as a wedding present

Kitten hour


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