Canadian couple spends their vacation helping California wildfire victims

Most people would have canceled their vacation plans when wildfires tore through Northern California, but one Canadian couple went anyway. Destinee and Paul Klyne had a restful vacation planned for mid-November, but then the deadly wildfire erupted. Despite that, the Klynes decided to go ahead with their trip and flew to the region earlier this week to help out. They've been serving meals to fire evacuees just outside Paradise, California, which was decimated by the blaze, everything from hot dogs to pasta to quesadillas. The couple have also been giving out $25 gift cards bought with money sent in by friends and family.

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                                                                                                                                                                         A Walmart parking lot in Chico, Calif., has become an informal hub for wildfire evacuees. 


Since Tuesday, they’ve been coming to the lot in the city of Chico, 70 kilometres from the fire zone, where hundreds of evacuees are living, to hand out food and provide emotional support.

“We just took advantage of the [plane] tickets we already had,” Paul told CTV Vancouver.

“They're devastated completely, there are horrible stories like that and on the flip side we see people running to embrace people and say ‘I'm so happy you're alive.’”

The couple were due to stay near the small town of Paradise, which has been incinerated, leaving at least 71 people dead.



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