Man Criticized for Using GoFundMe to Raise Money for Xmas gifts

A 32-year-old British man is facing criticism for setting up a GoFundMe to raise money to buy Christmas gifts for his five children. Ben Buckley said he had to cut his work hours to help take care of his four older children when his partner, Kirsty Wickings, became sick during a complicated pregnancy. Wickings give birth to a healthy girl earlier this month, but the mother had to be hospitalized several times for a lung infection. Buckley said that he had enough money from his reduced hours to pay rent and utilities, but set up the GoFundMe because he was worried he wouldn't be able to buy gifts for his children. The campaign passed its $2,500 goal in just three days, but some online were blasting it, criticizing the amount he asked for and the idea that Christmas is only about gifts. One person tweeted: "I think this shows everything that is wrong in this society and sends out the wrong message to his children.

While his GoFundMe appeal was a success, having risen over its $2,500 goal in three days, some people online believe the request is outlandish, as Christmas should not solely be about the gifts. After all, they say, it’s the experience of something that is more meaningful than a gift.

One critic tweeted, “He’s set up a fundraising page to buy Christmas presents for his children. I think this shows everything that is wrong in this society and sends out the wrong message to his children.” 

Another woman commented, “You are shameful! £2000 on xmas? And begging for it!! I spend £100 each on my kids and they have a great Christmas. Cant believe the muppets that have donated to you. Disgusting. Hope you’re kids are thoroughly embarrassed by you!”

Others, still, stuck up for the couple, who happens to be down on their luck. “I cannot understand what is wrong with asking for help. This family is not forcing anyone to donate, so why all the negative comments,” a supporter commented on the GoFundMe page. Another chimed in, “I can’t believe some of the comments on here.. if you don’t like it then carry on past! The last thing this family needs is more negativity. Hope you and your lovely family have an amazing Christmas.”

See his gofundme page HERE

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