Mom Sees Son's Ghost After It Triggers Her Home's Security Camera

What one Atlanta mom saw on her home security system camera will give you chills.

Jennifer Hodge  was watching TV in her bedroom with her 21-year-old daughter Lauren . She checked her phone and saw a notification that there said, "Your entryway camera saw someone."

Attached to the message was an image from the camera that seemed to show a transparent, bearded male figure in what look like pajamas. While that is enough to freak anyone out, what Jennifer and Lauren realized next truly left them shook - the person in the picture looked exactly like Jennifer's son Robbie , who died two in 2016 at the age of 23. 

They ran to the kitchen but there was no one there and no evidence of a break-in. Since then, Jennifer hasn't seen anything strange in the house, but has been touched by the experience.

Jennifer believes her son "was letting me know he is happy in heaven. That brings me some comfort, but I still just think it's weird. I'm in awe - why did this happen to me? I haven't seen anything since and I had never seen a ghost before... I don't know what to believe. I'm still in a state of shock."

It probably didn't surprise Jennifer that Robbie would visit her. She described her son as "one of the most giving, caring, loving human beings." In fact, Jennifer and Robbie spent a lot of time helping others, even setting up a charity to assist those battling addiction. Robbie himself struggled with addiction and wound up passing away at age 23 from an accidental overdose of fake Xanax. 

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